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One Touch Security

At One Touch Automation, we make your security our priority. Nothing can replace the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your home or business is safely monitored and guarded against unlawful intrusion. Our home automation and security systems place convenience, assurance and your safety at the forefront.  Monitor the security of your home or business no matter where you are, from any mobile device.

Peace of Mind

Protect What Matters Most >

Think beyond the standard security system and discover modern solutions that keep your home and business secure. Beyond reduced insurance costs, automated security systems bring peace of mind, value and efficiency to the home or business owner.

In an Emergency >

In an Emergency

Mitigate flood, fire and freezing damage with systems that detect environmental changes immediately, notifying you and the appropriate authorities automatically when an irregularity is detected. Our automated solutions promote peace of mind, knowing that your home is equipped to prevent further damage in the face of an emergency.

Stay Connected >

Stay Connected

One customized, central management system gives you the ability to control all the systems in your home with ease. Monitor the security systems in your home or business from anywhere, at any time. Video surveillance helps cover liability, secure your assets and bring peace of mind.

Featured Security Project

When you have one of the most advanced houses on the block you’d better ensure it’s fully protected around the clock. This intricate system is the Alcatraz of residential security…

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Security Services

  • Intrusion Security

    From glass-break sensors, occupancy sensors and motion sensors to lights that turn on, shades that turn up and sirens that sound when a break-in is detected, automated security systems keep you protected against intrusion. When your home or office security is breached, receive an immediate notification and rest assured knowing the police have been automatically contacted.

  • Monitored Solutions

    Through a third party subscription, rest assured knowing that the authorities will be immediately contacted once an irregularity is detected, or your security is breached.

  • Surveillance

    Whether you live on a golf course and require cameras for damage liability, or in need of a commercial surveillance solution, we eliminate blind spots and locate the ideal vantage points for video surveillance.

  • Consulting

    We consult on residential and commercial security system design, ensuring the solution is developed to meet the client’s specific needs.

  • Access Control

    Automated access control brings convenience and security to your life, from driveway gate control and entryway key fobs to employee time-tracking and liability mitigation, custom access control solutions bring assurance and peace of mind.

  • Interactive Services

    Access the details and footage from your surveillance and security systems from anywhere in the world, at time.