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Living House on the Prairie

Sneak Peek into this Futuristic Domestic Dreamland

Step inside the doors of one of Western Canada’s largest residential automation projects to feel the energized future of home technology. From a responsive cinematic experience to a facial recognition camera system – Saskatchewan’s most advanced house is one ordinary people can only dream about.

Once complete this fully-automated system will connect tens of thousands of features designed to simplify life. A custom 10 gig network talks to every switch and sensor ensuring a high-end finish controlled by 23 user-friendly touch screens.  220,000 feet of low voltage cabling was required to control everything from privacy fog windows, massage chairs, 4 multi-purpose 84” touch screen TVs and so much more.

Conveniences like centralized lighting, occupancy detection, and an intercom system keep the pulse of the house beating steadily. Here’s your sneak peek into the very beginning of home automation’s latest luxuries.



  • Close over 80 shades and windows from anywhere with motorized control
  • 50 channels of class AB distributed audio pumps through 70 speakers
  • Lights sense when you enter and exit  rooms
  • Set music to match your room’s mood
  • Keep your temperature fully controlled
  • Stay connected when you’re away with 18 motion-detecting cameras
  • Server room is fully insulated with 16” walls to house seven full-size equipment racks