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Better than the Movies

The Finest in Theatre Design at Home

Set your senses to 100 with one touch. This on-demand cinema raises the bar in home entertainment. We started the project by designing a 3D layout that would provide both the best viewing and laser-pointed speaker placement. This allows the viewer to feel immersed in the middle of the action from a comfortable chair that’s synchronized with every moment happening on-screen. Realistic Dolby Atmos surround sound precisely follows the movement while all outside noises are blocked through acoustics to ensure quality and consistency.




  • Cinema screen retracts and expands to fit each film perfectly for unsurpassed excellence
    • (All aspect ratios from old school 4:3 to cinema grade 2:35)
  • Responsive lighting adjusts for paramount tone
  • Native 4K World Class Laser Projector captures every intricacy of your favorite movie
  • Advanced bass traps distribute unparalleled acoustic control
  • Personalized interior design honors the owner’s unique character